Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club

Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club

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We are a club of ex-cons and sinners.  Our goal is to make the world a better place than it was before we got here.  We give back.  We also ride hard, stick together and somehow manage to offend people often.  No apologies.  We are striving to be better men, what can we say?  We are not for everyone. However we have a club full of ex-cons who hold each other accountable and keep each other out of prison.  To this day, Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club has no prison recidivism from any of it’s members both past and present.  Statistically, this is a miracle.

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Our silver and black colors are earned not bought.  Future members are first hang-arounds then prospects.  Those who make it through the probationary period are the Gorillas you see on the street wearing a full patch.  We have by-laws that we live by and we follow MC protocol.  Wearing a silver and black Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club patch is a higher calling and not for everyone.  We are selective about who we have around us and all future prospects must be unanimously voted in before wearing a bottom rocker and working towards earning their full patch.

Law Enforcement, both present and past, need not apply.  No exceptions.


What We Believe  Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club logo

While Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club is founded on Christian principles, it is not necessary for prospects or members to be “born again” Christians.  A prospective member can be either serious, or curious about the Lord.

We believe that when a man is introduced to The Truth, and Biblical principles, his life begins to change.  This change doesn’t come from coercion or religious rhetoric, or by us – only by God.

We also believe that when a man who comes from crime, violence and incarceration gives his life over to God, he often finds that he doesn’t fit inside the confines and culture of our modern day American churches. The same way a veteran of war can only understand and fully relate to other veterans with similar life experiences, thus is the same for career criminals and convicts who are leaving that life in search of something better here.  This is a brotherhood of like-minded men who are willing to sacrifice themselves to make the world a better place and to continue the legacy of this club.


Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club