The End of Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club

Today, Aug, 12th 2015,

we officially announce the end of Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club.  For 5 years, I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into this club, and we disband with great sadness.  I hope that our legacy of helping others, giving back, and attempting to become better – and free – men is infectious. I hope you see that it only takes a few people to change the world.  The same can also be said for destroying it.  So use your time and resources wisely.   GGMC will no longer fly colors, both in Oregon and California.

We want to thank every one of you who supported us, stood by us, and helped us to make our motorcycle club a succsess. God blessed this club and our individual lives in a major way over these past 5 years and it has been the greatest thing I have ever been a part of.  My Gorilla Gospel Motorcycle Club brothers will remain just that, my brothers.

We leave a 5 year legacy that includes NO prison recidivism.  (Not one of our members ever was convicted of a crime after joining our club of, “Ex-cons and Sinners.”)  No one ever went back to prison.

-Todd Gobeille (National Rep GGMC)

Here’s a glimpse at our history, though it doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.