Gorilla Gospel MC: “What Makes Us Different?”

Gorilla Gospel MC: “What Makes Us Different?”

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First and foremost, we acknowledge that many of us who leave an extended lifestyle of crime, may not only still carry extra baggage, but also have alot of folks who, shall we say, don’t exactly wish them well.  We lived looking over our shoulders for years.  With this in mind, we not only understand, but we also created a brotherhood that protects and provides safety from this.  We say, “The Game”  is the gift that keeps on giving, on no uncertain terms.  However, if you have chosen to leave that life, and also have chosen us as family, we take care of our own.

We grow together to establish spiritual roots and strive to become the type of men God had designed us to be.  But, we are not a cult, and we honor our brothers no matter where they are at on their spiritual walk.  We grow and build together.  We take care of our own.

We are not very concerned with outreach ministry.  We don’t see that as our calling.  We know most Christian MC’s with similar pasts as ours have been called to preach the good new to 1%ers and thus they go on runs with the hopes of converting outlaws to Jesus followers.  This is awesome!  But, this is not what we do.  It is not who we are.  Our club is a brotherhood that, we believe, before us did not exists.  Simply out, we take care of our own.

Look at this as an alternate to crime.  The same things that draw so many into fast life, fast lane living, are the same things that draw us to this:

Going against the grain

High stakes action




Tired of being bored

A sense of ownership and belonging…

This is what we are about.
John 10:10
The Devil came to rob, kill and destroy.  But Jesus came so that you may have life and have it abundantly.

That’s the biz!

We are also one of the few multi-racial Motorcycle Clubs in America.  We don’t see color, we see brothers.  The only colors that matter to us are silver and black, our patch colors.  But with that said, we got love for everyone regardless of what color patch they do or don’t wear.

777 – Gorilla Gospel Gang.