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I was born august 10th 1979 in Tustin California. We moved from Tustin at the age of two to La Puente where my mother and father were from. I was raised with parents who were very caring and there truly was a lot of love in my family as a child. At the age of 5 my parents had their differences and went their separate ways. I can remember my sister staying with my mom and I was going with my dad. My Mom headed up to Oregon and my dad kept me in California and although I didn’t realize how heavy the situation was it was yet I know it was a pivotal time of my life…

Quickly after a year or so my father realized that raising a kid on his own and being a hustler was just not going to work out so he sent me up to Oregon to live with my mom. They came to a mutual agreement that she would have us(me and my sister) through the school year and he would have us for the summer. As the years passed the summers were my home away from home and I was learning about the California Gang life and I was very intrigued. At 12 years old I started rapping which was my way of expressing the lifestyle I was seeing around me. My father was a hustler and did not ever agree with the so called system, he refused to pay taxes(aka work). This would become my my 1st chapter of thinking I was really somebody.

From 13 on I was the new me & Baby Evil the kid who was ahead of his time and on his way to being a hustler/rapper and nothing was going to stop me. Back Then I watched and learned alot of crime and I was basically in training to become a career criminal. I always did well in school but never took it serious(teachers would tell me I would regret it later, I Do!), I was way more concerned with the rapper/hustler dream. I did some how make it through High school and two days after graduation I convinced the homies to pack up and move to Kali in search if a record deal. Well it did not work out and I ended up with a girlfriend who was a escort and thought I was pimping lol(embarrassing I know I was only 18). I got the taste of how the money felt and was instantly addicted. Stayed in the game for 5 years and then I could not take anymore. So it was back to the hustling and business as usual. Then I entered a new chapter of my life which was suppose to be the transition from crook to normal, but things did not go as planned. Was in love for years but relationship was far from functional so we eventually called it quits. I was in Kali without a hustle(things went south up north) I decided to get a JOB. 24 hour fitness was my intro to my new chapter in life and I embraced it. I found my strong point which was a way for me to make money legally and still be me. Employed I still was chasing my dream to become a famous rapper and was doing well at it. I opened for many big acts likeĀ Too $hort, Pitbull, T Payne, Dub C, Naughty by Nature, Digital Underground, The Luniz, DJ Quik, NB Riders, Dogg Pound, Raekwon, Chino XL, Faboulous, Lil Rob and many more. I ended up getting hooked up with all the opening acts for the Vault 350 in Long Beach which lead to me meeting the GoodFellas from Power 106 and doing over 10 radio drops for them which were in heavy spin rotation. 24 Hour Fitness would soon become Commodities, Equipment Financing, Mortgage, Investments pretty much anything that involved being a clo$er and I was up for the challenge. Although things seemed to be coming to together something was missing.

Now I am entering a new chapter of my life (the real life finally chapter) I would soon meet the girlfriend who would become my wife. In our relationship we started off partying and being wild yet I always knew there was more depth beneath and my spiritual connection was showing me a whole new light. We had good and bad times but I felt this is the ONE who can deal with me perfectly, the ying to my yang( i thought I would never find one). We got engaged Oct 17th 2009 and soon after we were referred to a local church called Free Chapel. The day we walked into that building everything changed, we were both saved and the message carried through to our lives and our commitment to god had just begun. God enters your life when you least expect it. Since then we got married and we grow closer to Christ every day. I know that my faith and to him that I share with my wife will help us to keep our commitment to not only each other but also to him. My story does not end there it has truly just begun. Thank you God for giving me hope, faith, and contentment!!!!

JB The Don – AKA Preacher J.